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Chenguang always sticks to independent innovation. We improve the transform of high and new technology by attracting high-tech talents and have achieved a series of fruitful results. We have a silane coupling agent engineering technology research center which consists of many talents with doctor or master degree. We have established the Wuhan University Chenguang organosilicone joint research institution in partnership with Wuhan University. Our company has successively gained many utility-type patents and has made a series of contributions to the development of silane coupling agent.

Chenguang plans to build up a 3000sqm R & D Building. This R & D center will be equipped world-class instruments and a internationalized R & D technical team. This team will be dedicated in researching and developing the technology and application of silane coupling agent. It will more rapidly and effectively resolve your product demand.

R & D Direction


According to market trend and clients' needs, our R & D department cooperates with production, sales and other departments in pursuing better production process and launching more competitive products to meet market demand.

Chenguang always devote itself to technical innovation on silane coupling agent products. Our R & D department has greatly expanded our product line. We have become one of the suppliers with most abundant brands.

In addition to independent research and development, we also cooperate deeply with clients in the R & D field. With the utilization of the capacity and resources of our specialized R & D team and the consideration of the demands from clients of various industry backgrounds, we work out ideal plans together with our clients. These plans are worked out on the basis of the optimization of the resources. We help our clients improve production capacity and expand market.

R & D Result


In the synthesizing process of trichlorosilane, Chenguang adopts the most advanced Hydrochloric acid analysis system to recycle HCl. The HCl is reused in the trichlorosilane synthesizing process. The heat released from this process would be supplied to silane coupling agent production line through heat exchange. The energy and material in this system form a complete recirculation system. That has achieved a good effect of recycling economy.

We strictly abide by relevant national laws in handling the scrap and waste water correctly to prevent pollution. At the same time, the by-products generated from the production process are completely utilized. The new products which use these by-products as raw material bring good economic effect and have inspired Chenguang to devote ourselves to the environment protection cause of the humanity.



Jiangxi Chenguang New Materials Co., Ltd.

We have strict production management system that conforms to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO18001 standards
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