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Becoming one of the world’s first-tier leaders with outstanding performance and EPC capability for FPSO projects


A few days ago, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) published an announcement via its open tendering website announcing that Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd (COOEC) passed its qualification review for FPSO EPC contractors and the qualification would be valid for a period of one year. COOEC’s success in passing the qualification review means that it can directly bid on EPC projects of new large FPSO units of Petrobras with an oil processing capacity of over 180,000 bbl/day and a natural gas processing capacity of over 7 million m3/day.

According to available information, COOEC is one of the two new EPC contractors qualified by Petrobras in 2022, the world’s 12th company that has passed the qualification review of Petrobras for FPSO EPC contractors, and one of China’s first companies that have passed such qualification review. Therefore, COOEC now has the qualification to compete with leading international FPSO EPC contractors, such as TECHNIP, Keppel, and Samsung Heavy Industries.

COOEC’s performance and EPC capability for FPSO projects have been further recognized by leading international oil companies engaged in FPSO projects.