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"Haiji-1" Jacket Loaded Out Successfully


March 15, 2022, on the construction yard in Zhuhai, China, "Haiji-1", constructed under an EPCI contract by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COOEC") , had loaded out successfully.

As the largest deep-water jacket in Asia, "Haiji-1" was designed to withstand the once-in-a-century severe sea conditions, with a total height of 302 meters, an equal length and width of 105 meters at the bottom .The total weight is more than 30,000 tons.

"Haiji-1" is "Super Long, Super High and Super Heavy", which brings great  challenges to the loading out. COOEC carried out a number of key modifications to its Asia's largest specialized launch barge HYSY 229,enlarged its bearing capacity from 30,000 tons to 38,500 tons, and greatly improved the comprehensive capacity of transportation and launching of structures.

In the construction stage, the key data was dynamically monitored. The flatness, parallelism, uniformity and other key indicators of the skid block were controlled to state of the art in the industry.

The dragging took 26 hours and created a new speed record of deep-water jacket load out . Such good performance had been created under the excellent loading adjustment calculation, accurate process control and the risk control.

In recent years, COOEC continuously enhance the capacity of major equipment construction and the technical know-how, "Top 10 Equipment" represented by  the mega launching barge-"HYSY 229" and "Top 10 Technologies”represented by "300 meter deep-water jacket design, construction and installation technology" had formed, that took the EPCI capacity of offshore oil and gas project to an advanced level in Asia.